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Try in Store

Try in Store

Try in Store is our way of offering a more efficient shopping experience for you.
Choose the products in the webshop that you wish to try on. When you’re all set, send in the list to us with the date and time you will be arriving to our store. 

We will prepare your items and make sure they are ready for you by the time you arrive. 

We can only keep items aside for you for 24 hours, so unfortunately we cannot assure that all your selected garnments will be available if the list is sent prior to this time gap.   

Try in Store works as a button in your browser. As soon as you see something you might be interested in trying on, just click ”Try in Store” instead of ”Add to bag”.

To use this function you must be a registered customer with Vincci and log in.

We hope you enjoy our selection, and we look forward to seeing you in our store.





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