Celine is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1945 by Céline Cipiana. Celines identity is based on practical beautiful items crafted to be in tune with the everyday lives of the women for whom its designed.  Célines focus is on ”less but excellent” Rooted in the present. Major characteristics are sophisticated materials, a passion for detail and timeless modernity. The focus is to make beautiful sincere and genuine products which empower women and give them joy in dressing and living for themselves. Céline looks above all for individuality and talent in those to contribute to achieving this goal. In February 2018 Hedi Slimane was named Artistic, Creative and Image Director of Céline. 

The House’s aesthetic is clean, elegant and comfortable with a point of view that’s diciplined but always eased. The ”Crombie coat”, collarless masculine shirt, perfectly cut pair of trousers and smokings are essential to the House’s permanent collection as well as the ”classic”, ”luggage”, ”cabas” and ”trapeze” iconic bags.

Unfortunately we are not able to sell Celine thru our webshop. 
Contact the store directly and we will assist you with your inquiry.
We will also regularly post photos of our products in our blog and on instagram. 

Contact us via phone or textmessage: +47 916 11 920
Or send us an email: oslo@vincci.no